How To Fix Android Phones That Switch On & Off Automatically

Are you encountering issues with your phone that goes on and off on its own? If yes, continue reading…

It is advised if your phone is developing faults, give it to the appropriate customer care to fix it for you or give it to a well-perfect hardware engineer.

Now, let’s proceed; things to note first whenever your phone is going off and on itself.

This things are;

  • Software Problems (needs to upgrade the software on the phone)
  • The Switch
  • The Battery

Software Problems

The software problems are not common, if you use a Huawei phone, Samsung, Oppo or Redmi. These phones requires updates from time to time if there’s any problem with the former version.

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So therefore, if there’s any problem with your phone powering off and on, then you should have some chances of updating it, if after you updated the phone and it is still repeating the same problem, then move to the next solution.

The Switch

The switch is the most common component that causes power off and on in your phone, it’s either it is getting rusted or some amount of water splashes on the phone. That may cause the switch to start malfunctioning. To fix the switch is easy, but you’re a well experienced engineer, then you should know this.

First thing to do is to loose the phone, unclip the battery and service the panel, incase there’s still water inside the phone, then heat the part of the switch the water touched.

If after you do all the above and it’s is still the same thing, then it is recommended to change the switch completely, you can get it anywhere they sell phone spare parts.

If it works for you. Then kudos! but it it doesn’t, move to the next step.

The Battery

The battery doesn’t really affect the power offing and oning! You get what I’m saying. The phone may be turning off itself and you’ll be the one to power it on again. Boom! After 5 minutes, the phone will power off again.

This is what to check, it’s either the battery has swelled up or the battery has integrated circuit (IC) issues. If the battery is already swelled, it is highly recommended to change the battery to another one. If the battery didn’t swell, has a good battery life but it still powers off, you can still change the battery but you can still fix the former one.

This is how to fix, remove the battery from the phone carefully because it is always glued if it hasn’t been changed before. After removal, go to the panel center of the battery, there’s always a black IC that controls the power from the battery to the clip that will be inserted into the phone panel. The black IC is the problem, it is malfunctioning, get a soldering iron and lead, remove the black IC and use the lead and the soldering iron to bridge the IC terminals.

The lead serves as the IC but it works directly and perfectly. After the process and your phone doesn’t shut down anymore, I’m happy to tell you you’ve passed the engineering course. Lol! 😂.

If you tried this steps and it doesn’t work, then you’ll have to take it to a well-experienced engineer to fix it for you.

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