How To Stop Bot Traffic On WordPress Using cPanel (The Easiest Way)

Are you finding it hard to stop bot traffics on your wordpress website? If yes, continue reading below;

Literally speaking, I’ve been battling bot traffic on my website and it is affecting me badly. But I got them fixed with this simple steps.

Note; There are many actually two types of bots, the good bots and the bad bots. The good ones are Google Bot, Bing Bot, search engine bots in general and others.

While the bad bots are used for attacking websites, sending malicious requests, DDoS attacks and many others. But we won’t talk about that today.

Here is how to stop bot traffic in WordPress

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Plugins and click Add New
  • Search For WP Statistics from the plugin page
  • Install WP Statistics and Activate

See pictures below;

After activation, you should be having some traffic as at that time of activation, so WP Statistics will be recording your live traffic as soon as it is activated.

Go to the Overview section of the plugin, you’ll be provided with different sections ranging from;

  • Top 10 Pages
  • Search Engine Referrals
  • Latest Search Words
  • Top 10 Visitors
  • Recent Visitors &;
  • Today’s Visitor Map

Hover to the Top 10 Visitors and Recent Visitors section, there you’ll see different pages of your websites that’s visited, the browsers used, the country visited from, the city, the date, the IP Addresses and others.

Since you use Google Analytics, you should already know which country the bots are coming from, hover to the Recent Visitors section and you’ll see the last ten traffic to your website from different countries.

The bots sent to my website are from a particular country, Germany. I found out that the bots are direct traffics, they give 100% bounce rate and they’re accessing my website from MasOS X operating system.

Also I found out they repeat visits to my archives category many times, so I easily found them. Here is what to do; copy the countries IP Addresses into Notepad.

After that, log in to your CPanel, you should know that and if your website doesn’t uses cpanel, then your website should have an operating system that blocks IP Addresses from accessing your websites.

As for me, I use cpanel for all my websites and it became more easier with the built-in IP Blocker.

After logging in into your cpanel, scroll down to the security tab, find IP Blocker and click on it. You’ll be offered a place holder where you can paste the IP Addresses you want to blacklist from visiting your websites.

Paste the IP Addresses you copied into your Notepad to the placeholder and click Add. It will return a successful message like the image below;

Repeat the same steps for IP Addresses you find suspicious and you’ll surely overcome bot traffic on your website.

If you’re experiencing problems stopping bots from your website, comment below!

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