How To Take A Quick Screenshot On Windows 8, 10 & 11

Are you finding it hard to screenshot on your PC? If yes, then this article is for you!

Note: You can only screenshot on Windows 8, 10 and above. Other lower versions may require some apps for screenshots.

Here is how to screenshot on your Windows 8, 10 and above.

You may be on an app and you want to quickly capture the moment, the process is very easy, it requires just two key on your main keyboard.

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Besides you can screenshot on different browsers by installing extensions. For example, Mozilla Firefox came with a built-in screenshot tool, the same as Microsoft Edge browser. You can install Lightshot screenshot tool for Chrome and others too.

So to the main topic, here is how to screenshot on Windows PC.

Quickly press the Win Key and PRTSC (Print Screen) / (SysRq/Home) key to screenshot on Windows. You’ll press it at a time, within some seconds. Your saved screenshot will be saved in your Pictures folder.

Image Credits: Balogun

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